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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Country Wedding

On May 27th 2011 I got an anonymous call asking about my photography- Conversation soon continued & I was praised over the Simplicity of my work & the Naturalistic vibe that comes with it. The packages were presented & the Dates were set for both Engagement photos & the Wedding Date that same weekend.
------the engagement
The Husband-to be was a Techie & we talked frequently online shared Ideas & got acquainted. Soon After I'm heading to the location "Hope Gardens" 3pm perfect Sun Timing as I planned to shoot all natural light, "Less Distraction" & easier on me. I soon started to "Clicking like Crazy" & the couple we so Natural, be it that he has not seen her for a while the soon got to chatting & chuckling as cute couples do I had no problem whatsoever taking the photos- Shooting Canon 50D & Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 I did majority of the photos at 75mm 2.8-3.2 using just a Polarizer to stop out any extra light that pop through the trees every now & then. 
They we Absolutely THRILLED over the photos, we soon got down to business & signed contacts & we were gearing up for the wedding the following Saturday.
--------the wedding
Apart from being FAR I learn't that St. Elizabeth was the Hottest Part of the Island! I got to the Groom's House approximately 4 hours before the wedding... "typical of me.." my driver soon nodded off to sleep & I started discussing the days events. There were Great distances between locations "Church, Brides House Formals (Family Photos) & Reception". The day was SO Hot I began to worry about the photos in the afternoon, but by the time the wedding began & the huge Limmo pulled up at the little country church, It's almost as if a Celebrity rolled into town. The Entire Village rolled out all Nicely dressed & Ready to witness the bold public act of Love. 
The Church was small but I did my best seeing that it was sentimental to Bride & Groom both (Where they met as kids) Every window had a digital camera poking through just to catch a glimpse of the occasion. 
Vows Exchanged & then the 1st Kiss & WOW! the excitement... by this time it sky was overcast & rain fell at the Location of the Formals (Bridal & Family photos). The Sky was PERFECT Blue- partly Cloudy Lush green grass.. I had a 2 Light set up & lens of Choice was the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8- THIS is a very good Wide angle- portrait lens, nice bokeh & great colors good sharpness at f/2.8.. this by far was the Easiest Formals session I ever did, the set up was easy the colors we great & everyone was having fun even my videoman & assistant. 
The Sessions was cut short because the sun dipped pretty quick & the wet grass was taking it's toll, we now proceeded to the Reception. A really BIG Yard with a Big enough tent & it was well Lit... my Job has now become very easy & workload cut short, BUT then Fatigue started to set in, as the reception began approximately 7pm & most if not all were Happy as they signed the guest board & shared stories of the bride and groom through toasts & well wishes. 
Feeling like family I was well fed & was constantly checked up on, packing up my gear heading out with about 800+ photos I slept all the way from Wayside Bethany, St. Elizabeth back home...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365- [EPIC FALIURE]

So on the 11/1/11 I decided to start my Project 365.
1 photo a day of something that impressed me during my daily routine- wake/ work/ school/ photography/ Home.

but for some strange reason things weren't so go from the get go. I find myself doing the same Monotonus activities EVERYDAY!

1st off it's the Addictive FACEBOOK. As soon as I get to the Office I drop my bag, boot the PC & log in- Also to Flickr too. Why? I don't know exactly but, 1: I use it as a Marketing tool for my photography, I'ce lost count of how many Jobs I have gotten from it.
 2: For me it's a source of inspiration both from my photography friends & people sharing Life Quotes & sayings, so it's an all round WIN WIN!
But as for the addiction part- whew! every time I think of it, I wish I were smart like Zukerberg. kmt!

2nd  day, wasn't too bad, I had a BIG Blunder. After getting out for lunch very late I had to wait almost 1FULL Hour to get some lunch, because the 2nd preparation wasn't ready. So, I had to drag my 1/2 dead body- dying from hunger- to another location & buy BORING FOOD!

there are not many option regarding Food where I work, so Most day I don't even buy lunch- which is Dangerous because I can get REALLY CRANKY when I havn't got anything to eat- but anyways....

the 3rd Day- I was Really getting into this. The entire day was a mess at the office, but anywho, I know I would recover in the evening because I was going out. I was to do a photoshoot for my groups 7 Deadly Sins Challenge- but the model didn't turn up "As Always" so they turned the camera on me- AGAIN! but anyways the photo didn't come out bad at all, just that My Set Director wan't please with me wearing socks on the shoot. lol

Photo by: Joel Finnigen
Set Director: Tanisha 'Atom' Ennis

NO THIS IS NOT MY 3rd 365 photo- this Is! 

I have been experimenting alot with Long exposure & I really like it- apart from rinsing out every bit Pixels from my 10MP DSLR, I like the mood it creates, the things the Camera see's that you can't.
that extra blue in the sky- that orange line on the horizon- also the effects of cars passing buy, you should try it.
ISO: 200 F/20 Shutter 30ses.

4th day I thought about getting a little more creative- learn't that from the Flickr Crew I went to our Weekly Youth Business Mixer. I like Drinks, a few every now and then, also know how to mix it well- I've Drunked Great Drinkers with only a few glasses of my Mixology lol.

I think the colors & the bokeh really sell this shot... but anyways there is never a need for no more improvement. Think I'm going to use this same concept for the Smirnoff Double Take Challenge something I have been shying away from for the longest while.

Day 5- I was at a Wedding.... not the best of ones, but it's a wedding anyways. Shooting with my partnet in Crime Joel Finnigen the wedding Ran VERY LATE! later than usual for me- 4HRS!! but anyway's, my job is to make the best of any situation & yes, once again I got some Nice photos in the Night- like this one:

Bride is happy Family is happy- I'm not too happy, Wedding went too late, but anyways, a Contract isn't complete until 1 party is unhappy- or something like that...

Day 6- My busy day. I do photoshoots mostly on weekends, this particular one was CRAZY! 
Over the past few months I pushed myself to learn & achieve something Huge. Observing the works from members of the Flickr Crew using a Technique I call Strobit.
Using Artificial lights to illuminate & shape a subject in dramatically. I have learn't a great deal from these guys & I challenged myself to achieve this for the new year.
However CRAZY that day went- the Results were most pleasing thanks to my model-  Caneile.
see the rest here

Day 7- Lots of Craziness happening in the Metropolis. The Transports Authority along with the Police a Recreating the Transport system, causing all sorts of confusion. But out of every bad there is some good- the Buses Ran Quiet  with all seated no Hassle.

DAY 8- I worked TIRELESSLY on something Even MORE Creative. Rigged up all my lights & my props & worked almost 2 1/2hrs till I finally got what I wanted.

Then- hell broke loose. Both of my Computers went Haywire on me- Tired Non stop for 2 weeks to repair it but finally this week I got the Sucker Running again kmt!

Did I say I HATE Computers- so Annoying, maybe I need to get a MAC.....................
not even music is on my PC all 190GB of photos.. :D

But I did Take my photos Each Day.... So Stay tuned :)

this is getting interesting- I'm so Excited *Borat Voice*


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what's your resolution???..

this new month for the New Year has proven to be the most difficult yet- Still I'm alive & well.

a lot of things  I plan to do differently this year, and I realize that it takes more than just a "Say So." Last year I doubled even Tripled some plans I had- but how ever hard they were, I still pressed on.

One time this week I was on the point of Giving up- Why Bother? but then I  realized that things could be alot more worse than it is, so I pulled myself up by my boot straps & get to work.

I have big plans for this year- they seem Impossible, but I shall Press on.

"nothing beats a Trier but a Failure"

I'm definately not going to fail this year....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teen Cops


Crime in Jamaica has always been a BIG problem. From as early as 1975 Dons & Drugs for Gun/ Cash has been dominating this Island destroying commerce & international relationships, but with questionable ownerships & deals.
Police don’t work- too corrupt
Essentially the Legal system needs a Crutch if the law enforcers are using it against themselves & the citizens.
Politicians make Dum decisions, costing taxpayers Billions of dollars, but yet still as soon as another Politician Raises his hand for a change with promises the entire Voting Community falls at his feet.
But to me no doubt in my mind is Economy Is a failing economy/ state [Operating Deficit] Imports are 2x greater than exports. We buy things we don’t need & charge an arm & a leg for it due to Trade agreements.
Seeing that CRIME seems to be the “Root of All Evil” in this neck of the woods, numerous attempts have been made recently. One major move was to Increase the Armed Forces with more Officers of the state, saturating every street corner & Major road in the Metropolis.
But there is just one issue bothering me about this…….
These new Recruits in the Armed forces (Police & Army) are Very young…. Some seem to have graduated from High School that same year and is already on Assignment on Frontline Duty. Another dagger in the wound is that, if you should check the Academia of most of these secondary school high school students, Most have not done very well at all. But due the time & financial constraints, doing a simple test, endure at least 48hrs of Rigorous training & you’re in….. Or you could just get yourself an Inside link.
Just this week I was on public transport, and we passed a set of Officers doing Spot Checks on the main road and to my Amazement, the scene looked like a Well paid African Guerilla Crew. All brand new gears & weapons plus very young faces. Not saying that an older person outside of your teens could not appear young, but in this case you could actually see that these youngsters we in their late Teens, fully dressed and out there as A Real Police Officer.
So my say, “Why Not?- at least it’s keeping them outta trouble”. But on second thought, maybe this is not such a good Idea.
Why not have the youngsters In Police training but guide them along to a suitable career path. The NAVY & US Marine Corp. does it, so does many other armed forces In the world. Al-Qaida teach their youngsters IT & Electronics- well yeah they train them to “build a better bomb” but they still have the choice to choose after receiving all that training- which might cost them in the long run. But at least you weren’t a trained “Licensed to Kill” Youngster at age 24.
Instead of using all that ManPower to fight CRIME, how about using it to PREVENT Crime? Example Spending a half a million dollars Per Person during Recruitments & training, how about constructing a institution that take these same Young men- However underprivileged, unmotivated or just Out & Plain- BAD and share with them simple task each day, seek their hidden potentials. I find that 90% of Jamaica’s population is VERY Skilled In some form of Art or music. Assist them in discovering that potential & put it to good use through exports & tourism.
But Aaaah yes it may just cost a lot of money, but since I was Old enough to Understand People Money & Its Value, I realize that all the Government talk about is MONEY & how we don’t have enough – but our next step is to take all those BILLIONS spend on other things to be spend back on the Populous for them to Benefit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the light people

The Light People


Soo.... the Light people....... what can we say.. Have you see em'? sure you have... Really?
There have been about 2 DVD’s circulating about the "Enlightened Ones" expositing a lot of Issues with industry & their involvement. I for one didn’t Like it- didn’t want to see it... but just recently It made its way to my house... but as much as I didn’t want to see it, I wanted to just to clear my head.
So the story is, [Creation, War In Heaven, Fallen Angels, SIN- then destruction & mayhem ever since.]
“If thou eat of this fruit, thine eyes shall be opened, & yee shall surely die.”
Now, My BIGGEST Question is, the all seeing all knowing- Knows what he is about to do before he does it, and also KNOWS what will happen as a Result. But he HAS the power to alternate things, but just does it a LITTLE BIT to change the outcome.
Simply put- Since the beginning of time GOD knows that Man would fall- Angels too.
Also, he knew that if he Had an ANGEL in his Midst with certain privileges that one day that ANGEL is going to turn against him & take 1/3 of his ANGELS with him in search of his Own Power..
But yet still he created it all…………….
This kinda gives me the Feeling that there are More SUPERNATURAL beings out there-  even though it is Written “I AM THAT I AM, & NO OTHER COMES BEFORE ME”…
I’m still both Perturbed & Amazed at the same time over this Awesomeness….
It’s like watching a good action movie & the GOOD Guy is been beaten to MARSH! But in the end even though he is ½ alive & it took him the entire NIGHT to get rid of the BAD Guy he still wins by a NARROW Margin….. Hurt, barefoot, bloody Marino, or porbly unconscious & wake up days after.
When I was much younger, my cousin told me that there is something that is much greater than MONEY that Man Discern.. & that was POWER- Power? How so?
Well, offer a Man a Community in exchange for an Act & see how fast he does it.
Offer him 3 Million Dollars… watch the reaction time & if you offer just a Little bit more I’m almost Certain he is going to come & get YOUR Money.

Money is an Agent of Exchange, Root of all Evil, the 2nd Key to True Success & now a Basic Essential of almost every human being.
These Light people realized that & based on research these people aren’t DUNCE. They are Geniuses who have spanned right through the ages. From the development of the WHEEL to COLD FUSESION REACTORS- now ANTI-MATTER ENERGY, Scientist have been weaving their way to prove that supernatural power does not exist. But Science only goes so far.

Our Music, Lifestyle, Dress Codes Socio-Economical & Social backgrounds are all calculated & by yourself YOU CAN’T WIN.
“for we are NOT fighting against common Flesh & Blood- but Principalities & Powers”
There is a serious war going on, -WAR FOR THE SOULS
There are many Speculations as to when GOD should return- YES those same Atheist Scientist.

So it’s your choice, GOD or the Devil, it’s all up to you- GOD Gave us choice, to me it’s like running a little experiment, but we can’t fathom GOD’s thought process.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the resolution


today is the 11/1/11...... I always find these Date significant- “don't know how come the Chinese don't/ probly they do” but I always plan special things for these date.
1.Today I start my 365 Photo Challenge
2. I Launch my Fan Page
3. I FINALLY decided to BLOG. 
I’ve always thought BLOGGING was an Addiction though as people seem not to know what to post- so, often time their Entire Life winds up In a Digital Journal all over the “www” for other non-lifed Living Room Computer/ Laptop in bed people to read & share in their pity party.
*OOOPS! Did I say that?*
But anyways, as turned out that it's not- just like FACEBOOK..... It's not addicting... kinda… sorta….

Any-who this year for me it's a new year, time to try New thing- & experience the world from a different Point of view. Meeting new People, learning new things *Learn How to BLOG* & expand my minds’ eye just a little bit……….
Well maybe a lot....

“shut up you introvert!!” lol!!!

Jamie Barnett