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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Country Wedding

On May 27th 2011 I got an anonymous call asking about my photography- Conversation soon continued & I was praised over the Simplicity of my work & the Naturalistic vibe that comes with it. The packages were presented & the Dates were set for both Engagement photos & the Wedding Date that same weekend.
------the engagement
The Husband-to be was a Techie & we talked frequently online shared Ideas & got acquainted. Soon After I'm heading to the location "Hope Gardens" 3pm perfect Sun Timing as I planned to shoot all natural light, "Less Distraction" & easier on me. I soon started to "Clicking like Crazy" & the couple we so Natural, be it that he has not seen her for a while the soon got to chatting & chuckling as cute couples do I had no problem whatsoever taking the photos- Shooting Canon 50D & Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 I did majority of the photos at 75mm 2.8-3.2 using just a Polarizer to stop out any extra light that pop through the trees every now & then. 
They we Absolutely THRILLED over the photos, we soon got down to business & signed contacts & we were gearing up for the wedding the following Saturday.
--------the wedding
Apart from being FAR I learn't that St. Elizabeth was the Hottest Part of the Island! I got to the Groom's House approximately 4 hours before the wedding... "typical of me.." my driver soon nodded off to sleep & I started discussing the days events. There were Great distances between locations "Church, Brides House Formals (Family Photos) & Reception". The day was SO Hot I began to worry about the photos in the afternoon, but by the time the wedding began & the huge Limmo pulled up at the little country church, It's almost as if a Celebrity rolled into town. The Entire Village rolled out all Nicely dressed & Ready to witness the bold public act of Love. 
The Church was small but I did my best seeing that it was sentimental to Bride & Groom both (Where they met as kids) Every window had a digital camera poking through just to catch a glimpse of the occasion. 
Vows Exchanged & then the 1st Kiss & WOW! the excitement... by this time it sky was overcast & rain fell at the Location of the Formals (Bridal & Family photos). The Sky was PERFECT Blue- partly Cloudy Lush green grass.. I had a 2 Light set up & lens of Choice was the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8- THIS is a very good Wide angle- portrait lens, nice bokeh & great colors good sharpness at f/2.8.. this by far was the Easiest Formals session I ever did, the set up was easy the colors we great & everyone was having fun even my videoman & assistant. 
The Sessions was cut short because the sun dipped pretty quick & the wet grass was taking it's toll, we now proceeded to the Reception. A really BIG Yard with a Big enough tent & it was well Lit... my Job has now become very easy & workload cut short, BUT then Fatigue started to set in, as the reception began approximately 7pm & most if not all were Happy as they signed the guest board & shared stories of the bride and groom through toasts & well wishes. 
Feeling like family I was well fed & was constantly checked up on, packing up my gear heading out with about 800+ photos I slept all the way from Wayside Bethany, St. Elizabeth back home...

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